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This is always a weird line of reasoning to pursue, but I just want to say: every Jets victory makes that Week 15 win look more impressive.

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Woo-hoo! Back-to-back winning seasons for the first time in franchise history!

It would have been nice to match last year's success, but with this franchise's history, all I wanted was a winning season. We've got a great young core (and the best back-ups at skill positions in the NFL), and the future's bright.

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Another good loss for the team. It's never fun to watch the team lose, but the optimistic takeaways are that we played the Giants to OT even without playing nearly our best game.

We've got some wrinkles to iron out, but once this team hits its stride, they'll be scary good. And with this franchise's history, a winning season is all it would take to consider this season a success of sorts.

Projections for the final 8 games?
The SBNation blog The Falcoholic has picked on the Falcons' remaining 8 games -- you can see them here:

So, what do y'all think the last 8 games will look like? I'm predicting a 6-2 finish: losses to the Giants and Eagles, home win over the Saints to spoil their undefeated season, easy wins over the Panthers, Bucs x2, Jets, and Bills. 11-5 final record and a wild card date with those same Saints.

Falcons say they feed off Smith’s enthusiasm
By CHARLES ODUM, AP Sports Writer

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP)—Mike Smith(notes) has a dangerous throwing arm.

Just ask Thomas DeCoud(notes).

After a touchdown catch by Washington’s Todd Yoder(notes) in the corner of the end zone on Sunday, Smith decided to challenge the play.

As he ran toward the field, the Falcons coach couldn’t find the red challenge flag in his back pocket. Smith kept running, gaining speed and momentum as he kept digging before finally he fired the flag about 15 yards— right at DeCoud’s head.

The Falcons safety had to quickly lean back to avoid Smith’s toss.

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Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall still fond of Falcons, but is no fan of ex-coach Petrino
Joseph White, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Nov 3, 9:45 am EST

ASHBURN, Va. - DeAngelo Hall(notes) has plenty of positive things to say about his old team, the Atlanta Falcons.

His old coach? That's another matter.

The Washington Redskins cornerback made it clear Monday that he's still no fan of Bobby Petrino, the coach who quit the Falcons during the 2007 season. Hall and Petrino got in a shouting match on the sideline that year, leading to a US$100,000 fine for the player and no doubt hastening the coach's abrupt departure for the University of Arkansas.

The Falcons were already reeling from the loss of quarterback Michael Vick(notes) before the season and finished 4-12. Hall was then traded to Oakland.

Atlanta, which bounced back to go 11-5 last season, is 4-3 after Monday night's loss against unbeaten New Orleans with a matchup against the Redskins looming on Sunday. Asked if he was surprised that the Falcons have resurrected themselves so quickly, Hall had no problem explaining why.

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Falcons want to get back on winning track

ATLANTA(AP)—The Atlanta Falcons are eager to break free of their mostly inglorious past, show they can be a team that consistently puts up winning records and contends for the playoffs.

Time to end that losing streak.

For the first time in Mike Smith’s(notes) two years as coach, the Falcons have lost consecutive games. Certainly, there’s no need for panic - Atlanta lost a pair of road games to Dallas (5-2) and unbeaten New Orleans - but this franchise’s mostly grim 43-year history raises doubts any time there’s the least bit of adversity.

“You don’t ever want to have losing streaks,” receiver Roddy White(notes) said. “It can head south real fast.”

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I gotta say...
I gotta say, as far as an 11- 8-point loss goes, that was about as satisfying as it can get.

First of all, the Saints played their best. They didn't make any unforced mistakes. That was about as good as they can play.

We, on the other hand, did make mistakes. It sucks that we did, but it shows that we certainly have the potential to beat this team.

Thirdly, we just gave the Saints their stiffest challenge of the season. Philadelphia and the Giants, supposedly the NFC's best after the Saints and Vikings, didn't give the Saints half the challenge as we just did, on the road, on Monday night.

And lastly, holy crap talk about never giving up. That was incredible. Even though the miraculous comeback stalled, that was heart that we showed with that turnover, Jenkins catch and on-side kick.

I'm stoked about this team, and I have a feeling New Orleans' undefeated season will end on December 13th.

Edit: Woops, forgot to finish this before posting:

On a completely unrelated note, did you hear that Jesus Christ changed his name? He now calls himself "Drew Brees". The twelve disciples are now the Saints offense. They all can walk on water. The offense, defense, coach, staff, ownership, front office, concessions salesmen, sideline painters, ticket checkers, ushers, security officers, mascot and that guy peddling tickets outside the stadium are all conceived from the air of Olympus itself. Bow, foolish mortals. Bow, and be grateful that you can witness God's gift to the game of football.

ESPN's Monday Night Football coverage

Opponent Series History Week 8: ATL vs NO
(from The Falcoholic blog)

by tlozwarlock

We've got a long, long history with those black and gold clad gumbo guzzlers. It started in November of '67 with a close loss. That history includes one playoff game (which we lost...) and seventy-nine regular season meetings. That makes our MNF showdown in the land of the Mardi Gras our eightieth meeting with the ragin' cajuns. The history is storied, and offers lots and lots of data. Just don't expect to gleam much from them, outside of the fact that we're ten games up on them. That lead is likely to be whittled down a bit when all is said and done this season, so enjoy it for now.

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Ryan knows Atlanta must avoid mistakes vs. Saints
By GEORGE HENRY, Associated Press Writer Oct 29, 6:39 pm EDT

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP)—Matt Ryan(notes) usually spends his off days during the season watching film at the Falcons’ team headquarters.

With the specter of facing Saints safety Darren Sharper(notes), Atlanta’s second-year quarterback is grateful to have an extra day before visiting New Orleans on Monday night.

“He’s got great football instincts, and my guess is he’s very meticulous in the film room, and he studies, because that shows up,” Ryan said Thursday. “That’s evident when you watch tape on him.”

Sharper’s 60 career interceptions, including an NFL-leading six this year, are worrisome enough. But the 13th-year veteran has also scored 11 touchdowns off those picks, second only to Hall of Fame inductee Rod Woodson.

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